Many states require commercial drivers to take a specialized physical examination designed to establish the driver has the physical ability to safely perform the duties of a professional driver. The specifics of the exam may vary from one state to another, but the basics are the same. Those who seek to obtain or maintain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) must take and pass the test in order to receive a passing Medical Examination Report (MER), and certificate.

CDL licensing is required for professional drivers who:
• Operate a vehicle holding nine or more passengers
• Cover a distance of 75 miles or greater
• Provide transport for interstate commerce
• Operate a vehicle approximating 10,000 or more loaded pounds
• Transport hazardous materials
• Commercial Driver’s License Restrictions

The Department of Transportation prohibits persons with the following conditions from possessing a CDL:
• Requires insulin injection for diabetes
• Less than 20/40 correctable vision in both eyes
• Uses habit forming narcotics or amphetamines